The Importance of Receptiveness and Openness in Your Career with Emily Patton

The Importance of Receptiveness and Openness in Your Career with Emily Patton

Many advisors are passionate about working and helping women, but they’re afraid to lock themselves up in too narrow of a target market and end up in a pigeonhole.

Today we will show you how this fear is unfounded, providing more light on the power that comes with a clear focus.

In this episode, Adri sits down with Emily Patton, Founder and Partner of The Partners Group LLC, to talk about her experience in the financial industry, including why she made the transition into the industry, the importance of family, how she sets her personal goals, embraces struggles, and celebrates accomplishments. In this episode,

Adri and Emily discuss: 

  • How Emily went from coaching gymnastics to a financial advisor
  • The scariest part of the job and transition for herself 
  • How Emily was able to find personal success 
  • The purpose Emily has created at her company and within herself 
  • Her experience with special needs financial advising 
  • Emily’s advice to other women who are fearful of fully committing 
  • And more

Connect with Adri Miller-Heckman:

Connect with Emily: 

About our Guest: Emily Patton, Founder and Partner of Partners Group LLC,  was raised by an amazing woman, her mother raising 4 children on her own, she struggled financially. She continually told Emily and her siblings “work hard and save well, so you never feel trapped and always have options.”

When Emily became a financial advisor, she recognized how many women, like her mother, were dependent on others to manage their money. She wanted them to feel heard and appreciated while she gently guided them to building their financial knowledge and confidence. She watched as they became more empowered and optimistic about their life – they inspired herself.

That is why her true purpose is to create an environment where women feel safe, heard, and valued. Every woman is encouraged to become more engaged in her financial affairs, building more confidence in her ability to create life by her design.


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