Why Great Success Starts with Breaking Rules with Deb LaFrancis

Why Great Success Starts with Breaking Rules with Deb LaFrancis

As women in the financial industry, we have to break a few rules to succeed. Let’s face it, the financial industry has been dominated by male-driven practices and strategies for far too long… It is time to break that model and change the course of the industry to better adapt to the women and men working in it.

In this episode, Adri sits down with her previous boss, Deb LaFrancis, who now works for Adri at femXadvisor as a Coach and Strategist, as they get real about how the financial industry is evolving, and the changes that still need to happen for women to break out of the male-dominated molds and embrace their authentic selves.

Adri and Deb discuss:

  • Why Deb started breaking rules at a young age. 
  • Deb’s journey from a teacher to banker to Leadership Trainer for a major wire house but today she is living the dream. 
  • Deb’s role at femXadvisor and what she and Adri have established for women advisors
  • The rules you need to break to achieve your greatest potential. 
  • Deb was once Adri’s boss hear how the roles reversed!
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Deb LaFrancis has over 40 years in the financial industry with an emphasis on training and leadership development. Following the traditional “male” role models, she climbed the corporate management ladder. Over the years, she found her niche and fine-tuned her focus to personal and professional life coaching, helping others be successful in business while achieving life balance. As a coach for femXadvisor, she encourages women to do what comes naturally, find their voice, and work with their clients in rewarding and satisfying ways.

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