3 Ways To Be Fearlessly Authentic

3 Ways To Be Fearlessly Authentic

Adri Miller-Heckman has coached thousands of female advisors, and by doing so, she has discovered what it takes for women to achieve the level of success they want.

Are you ready for an inspirational pep talk?! Listen as Adri shares stories and examples of how you can be fearlessly authentic in your professional and personal lives.

In this episode, Adri discusses:

  • How your story should be compelling and truthful
  • Why it’s important to dig deep to be fearlessly authentic
  • What your tribal market is, and how to fearlessly share it
  • And more

Connect with Adri Miller-Heckman:

About Adri Miller-Heckman: Adri Miller-Heckman is a powerful influencer in the world of women. As a former financial advisor and National Training Officer with Smith Barney, she learned firsthand what it takes to succeed as a woman in a male-dominated industry, and it’s not about working longer, harder, or sacrificing more. Adri’s femXadvisor business model provides new solutions, systems, and female-friendly tools fueled by a passion that drives growth.

As a globally recognized speaker, author, and consultant in the financial industry, Adri is highly motivational, challenging her audience to expand their vision of what is possible. Using humor and real-life experiences, Adri eloquently transforms thinking from linear to creative, traditional to innovative, conformers to disruptors, and redesigning long-held industry concepts.

Adri’s book, Keys to the Ladies Room, has empowered thousands of advisors to create a female-friendly business and marketing plan that appeals to women and attracts clients of both genders. Adri’s new podcast, femXadvisor, is quickly becoming a trusted resource for female financial advisors to embrace their authentic selves.

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